£300,000 recycling investment

Tuesday, 02 December 2014.

£300,000 recycling investment

An investment in new technology is allowing Cumbria Waste Group to increase recycling rates on behalf of its customers.

The company has spent £300,000 on new waste baling equipment at its materials recycling facility in Distington.

The baler, which compacts waste material to make it easy to store/transport, includes a special cutting mechanism which enables Cumbria Waste Group to deal with extra-large sheets of card in addition to normal waste streams, such as paper.

It is able to process 30 tonnes of waste per hour - as well as improving the quality of the recyclable material. This material is sourced from a range of customers, including Allerdale Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council and Carlisle City Council, as well as from bring banks and household waste recycling centres.

Charles Riddell, Director of Cumbria Waste Group, said: "The new equipment allows us to accept more waste and increase and encourage recycling among our customers across Cumbria.

"It produces highly compacted, clean bales of waste material, such as cardboard and paper, which can then very cost effectively be sold on to re-processors who turn the material back into their original products.

"We have a growing recycling operation at Distington and through investment in new technology and equipment like this, it means we are able to offer our customers the highest standards of service, whilst helping them to meet their environmental objectives."