Coniston 14 recycling support

Friday, 20 March 2015.

Coniston 14 recycling support

There will be lots of bottles of water consumed this weekend as thousands of people take part in a popular 14-mile run around Coniston water.

But Cumbria Waste Group is ensuring that none of these empty bottles will harm the environment because it is supplying recycling bins along the length of the route.

The company is once again supplying the bins, along with the vehicles that will drop off and pick them up, free of charge as part of its support of the event.

The Coniston 14 was first run in 1982 and has become a popular spring event in the calendar, attracting runners from across Cumbria and beyond. The hilly route follows the 13.875 miles of road that circles Coniston water and it provides runners with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Mark Wilson, Cumbria Waste Group Business Development Executive, said: "There will be several water stations along the route and with so many runners taking part this will mean there are thousands of bottles drunk and discarded by the roadside.

"The organisers of the run have a team of volunteers whose jobs will include picking up the bottles and putting them in the bins we provide so no waste will be left in this beautiful area after the race.

"We will then take the bottles to our Flusco Recycling Centre in Penrith where they will be processed, baled and sent for final recycling back into bottles.

"Who knows, people who take part in next year's event may even end up drinking from the same bottles of water they used in 2015!"