United Utilities

United Utilities holds a licence to provide water and sewage services to around seven million people in North West England.It has invested billions of pounds improving the water and wastewater infrastructure and the environment across the North West, covering over 42,000 kilometres of water pipes, from Cumbria to Cheshire, Over 76,000 kilometres of sewers, 569 wastewater treatment works, 94 water treatment works and over 56,000 hectares of catchment land

The company has halved the amount of leakage from its networks, supported by ongoing investment to replace worn-out pipes; helped improve compliance with bathing water standards across the North West to more than 90% and improved water quality to over 99.9% - the best it's ever been.

How we helped

Cumbria Waste Group initially won a contract, following a competitive tendering process, to provide skip hire services for United Utilities' wastewater operations in Cumbria.

Additional waste streams were serviced, removed and recycled and based on our performance, we were then asked to tender for a general and hazardous waste contract.

We were once again successful and we carried out waste audits at several sites to review the waste streams and identify the services that would give the best value for money.

We then rolled roll out new bins, containers and skips and we adjust our service frequencies to suit site production rates.

what they think

What they think

I have worked with Cumbria Waste Group for over six years. It has been a most productive and beneficial working relationship with much ongoing development of services and the contract has grown year on year.

Unlike other contractors that we have covering general waste, the team at CWG actively report any drop off in waste production and adjust the service frequencies to suit.

I am truly satisfied by their approach to all manner of waste related jobs and services. They display and operate the important values of a small company, where all individuals care about the service and reputation, yet they accommodate large volumes of waste and/or high numbers of sites as a large company should.

John Lightfoot, Waste and Recycling Manager

what they think